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A spiritual celebration for a 102nd birthday

On a beautiful sunny Sunday in March, I went to a fascinating gig at The Husseini Mosque in Northolt, West London.  The worshippers were celebrating their spiritual leader reaching the fine old age of 102.  To mark it, the lucky man is on a world tour including Northolt.  I’ll have whatever he’s having if I can live to be 102!

At the Mosque, everyone was looking fantastic and was super friendly and welcoming to me and my good old pipes.  My brief was to march and lead the spiritual leader through the grounds of the Mosque leading up to the entrance.  A long procession of worshippers went before us, welcoming the esteemed Holy Man into the Mosque.  With everyone there we put on quite a show and gave a true welcome to the UK.

The Mosque had their own small marching band with snare drums and there was a funny moment when one of the drummers dropped his snare and punctured the skin.  He looked at me smiled and said, “Don’t take it to heart if we sound better than you!”.

They were full of good gust and energy and I found myself playing to their beat.  Between us all we pulled off a great performance.
The Holy Man looked happy and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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