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Luton Hoo Hotel and piping from Dr Zhivago

Tonight’s gig was at a country house called Luton Hoo in Befordshire – a luxury five star hotel with acres and acres of parkland surrounding it. The client, mindful of the weather, kept me informed of the importance of being there on time. No need to fret lassie – sure – I’m outside this beautiful house an hour early.

I find the banqueting room with no problem and meet the Master of Ceremonies who takes control of the evening. This large room I’m told is for a party of six Russians and I have to be piping as they arrive. There is a fantastic ceilidh band set up in the room for their entertainment called ‘The Longnotes’. They were so good I’ve even included a link to their site on the band page.

After the band’s sound check, I give the pipes a wee warm up and we all sit down to a sumptuous three course meal! Beef consommé followed by rack of lamb and raspberry tart – Ahh! This is the life of the minstrel boy! Well-fed and ready for piping action I’m told that the party is running late so I relax for a while. In fact I relax for two hours – such is the story of corporate gigs, you never know what can happen so you have to be adaptable.

When they finally arrive I pipe them to the table and give them a selection of tunes and even throw in the theme tune to the movie Dr Zhivago ‘Lara’s Theme’. They must all be too young because they hadn’t a clue which film it was – ah well! Even so the piping went down well and they all stood up and gave me a generous clap. As I piped out of the banqueting room I wondered to myself how would five men and one woman manage at the ceilidh afterwards?

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