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Bag Pipers for Your Private Function

If you are looking for bag pipers for your birthday, private party or function, then you have come to the right place. We here at Bag Pipers for hire have been delivering high quality and energetic performances for over 35 years.

Our pipers specialise in bringing life to your event with the iconic sounds of our bag pipes. We cater our services to you, depending on the occasion etc. We are particularly versed in birthday parties, with our tunes always making for a joyous day and a happy customer.

If you wish to listen to some of our sample bag pipe tunes you can do so by clicking here. Just image the sounds playing and the atmosphere created at your private party or function. Alternatively, we are happy to play tunes down the phone to you if you wish to call us for an example.

Hire Bag Pipers for Your Party

Whatever your party or function entails, Bag Pipers for Hire will be the x factor for your event. We also specialise in bagpipers for weddings, funerals and corporate events. Call us today to discuss your itineray, or feel free to Get in Touch now.
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